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Are Airgun Silencers Necessary?

Airgun silencers are also called moderators and/or suppressors and they are legal for airguns. Though the rules for firearms and shotguns differ, you are allowed to use a silencer or moderator for your airgun.

Are Airgun Silencers Necessary?

Most people think that airguns are already quiet, so why would an airgun silencer be necessary? Unlike firearms or any guns that fire metal jacket bullets, airguns do not cause an explosion when the trigger is pulled. That explosion is the reasons for almost all the noise produced by gun fire. So, what’s the point of having a silencer?

Here is the issue and why airgun silencers are necessary: Sound travels faster than airgun pellets.

It comes down to hunting and pest control. A springer or PCP does cause a sharp sounds and crack from the muzzle. The problem is that if you have spent lots of time stalking and lining up a great shot, the time it takes for the sound to travel to your target is far less than the time it takes for the pellet to reach that target. So, all that work stalking and lining up the shot is immediately thrown out the window when the target moves before the pellet reaches them.

This is especially true for birds that will instantly move from view if even slightly disturbed.

For non-hunters and airgun hobbyist you might wonder why you should consider buying an airgun silencer. The answer is simple, do it for your neighbors who hear your shots ringing over the walls.

How Airgun Silencers Work

Sound pressure waves are emitted when you pull the trigger on your airgun. If a pellet exceeds the sound barrier, it will also create a slight vacuum around and behind it and this causes that cracking sound behind it.

A silencer at the end of the barrel provides a confined space that will actually slow down the pellet just enough to decrease the sounds. This will also have an effect on the pellet itself.

As for any mechanical sounds, they have to dissipate from the source and because they are not exceeding the sound barrier, at least they aren’t making any cracking hot sounds. This creates the advantage for the shooter.

Will Airgun Silencers Affect Accuracy?

Yes, because speed is affected, so is accuracy, to some level. Generally, suppressors change the point of impact of the pellet. You have a weight at the end of the gun, putting downward pressure on the barrel, usually you’ll get somewhere between 2–4 inches lower at 100 yards and a variable amount of left/right.

Also be sure fix barrel droop which has nothing to do with silencers and more to do with equipment assembly and maintenance.

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