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First Focal Plane Or Second Focal Plane?



There has been a lot of talk going on recently about first focal plane scopes especially in the air-gun community. First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane, have you been wondering what’s the best option for you? There are pros and cons to each style so it comes down to personal preference and what you will be using it for. Don’t worry we will go over a few points about each one, hopefully help steer you in the right direction!

First Focal Plane

First Focal Plane (AKA Front Focal Plane) has been making a buzz. You’re probably thinking to yourself, what’s so great about FFP? In reality neither is really “better” they just do different things for different situations. The main difference in FFP scopes vs SFP scopes is the placement of the reticle. They place the reticle infront of the magnification lens in FFP scopes. By placing the reticle in front it’s then affected by the magnification settings. At lower magnification the reticle will be smaller. At higher magnification the reticle will be larger. Some people prefer this and some people hate it. It is great if you are the person in situations where you often require different holds at different distances. Why? Because when you have the reticle moving simultaneously with the target during magnification, your wind holds and elevation holds will be true throughout the entire range of magnification. So if you rely often on holds at different distances that require various magnification levels then these may be a good choice. FFP reticles can also be used to accurately range objects at all magnifications but nowadays most of us use a range finder anyways. The downside with FFP scopes is that while the holds stay true the reticle may become slightly large at max magnification and slightly small at lowest magnification. They are usually more expensive as well. The Athlon Argos BTR, Athlon Midas TAC and MTC Cobra F1 are some of our popular FFP scopes to check out!

Second Focal Plane

When people think of SFP scopes as lower quality they are incorrect. SFP scopes are more popular, therefore there is a larger supply which usually brings down price based on the supply and demand system. Yes in general there are more lower quality SFP scopes made but that is only because there is a demand for them. The only difference between the two is what we mentioned earlier, the placement of the reticle.  Since SFP scopes tend to be slightly less expensive there are several instances where you can get a better quality scope and glass for the price of a FFP scope. SFP scopes also tend to have the ideal reticle size. They are not too big or too small but just right. This can help facilitate a more accurate shot placement because as the target becomes larger during higher magnification the reticle stays the same allowing a more precise aim point. They can still produce true elevation and wind holds but only on the single magnification setting specified by the manufacturer. Many people do the majority of their shooting at that specific magnification anyways. So if you’re one of those you can have it all with SFP! Some of the top Second Focal Plane scopes for air guns are the MTC Viper Connect, MTC Viper Pro, and Aztec Emerald SFP. Check them out!

Which will YOU choose?

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