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FX Airguns – Mechanics Of The FX Impact

FX Master Class – FX Impact Now On YouTube!

What is it you ask?

FX Airguns has released a new series on YouTube called “FX Master Class – FX Impact” with a load of in depth mechanical instructions that come with owning the FX Impact airgun. They go over the majority of what you need to know whether you are an FX Impact veteran or you just got your first waft of that new air rifle case foam smell!

What Exactly Do They Cover?

In this series of videos they will cover common leaks/issues, disassembly, reassembly, maintenance and more!

Who Has The Expertise & Bravery To Tackle This Mission?

The one and ONLY Esting Rowe!! Master airgun technician well known in the airgun industry. This is everything FX Impact owners have been asking for!

Just because FX Airguns has released this series doesn’t mean we are not here to help with your questions! Feel free to contact us!

Tel: (561) 331-6731

Email: [email protected]

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