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Popular Halloween Costumes with Toy Guns

It’s finally that time of year again when the air gets a little cooler, the leaves change colors in other parts of the United States, and Spirit Halloween sets up shop in your neighborhood. Yep, that’s right, folks, Halloween’s right around the corner. It’s time to start breaking out the candy, attend Halloween parties, and, of course, shop for Halloween costumes. You might be a huge firearms fan and want to find a costume to reflect your appreciation for the 2nd Amendment. The airgun aficionados of Palm Beach Airguns save you the trouble and list popular Halloween costumes with toy guns.


Start with the basic popular Halloween costumes with toy guns by dressing up as a cowboy or cowgirl. All this classic ensemble needs are a cowboy hat, chaps, a bolo tie, and a western-styled holster with a leather belt for your toy revolvers. This costume is also great for couples who are firearm fanatics as both men and women can sport this costume.

Tomb Raider

This one’s for the ladies! The sexy, tough-as-nails Lara Croft always makes for a great choice in popular Halloween costumes with toy guns. As the main character of the movie and video game franchise, Lara Croft displays both intelligence and athleticism along with 9mm models of Heckler & Koch USP Match with stainless slides.[1] When she’s not using them to show her adversaries who’s boss, she keeps them holstered in thigh-length drop holsters while wearing a tank top, short shorts, and hiking boots.

1920s Mobster

1920s mobsters gangsters black and white guns

Go back in time to the Roaring 20s by dressing up as mobster this Halloween. To look like the quintessential gangster from the Prohibition era, don a pinstripe suit, fedora, and a pair of wingtip dress shoes. For costume weapons to pair with this ensemble, buy a toy Tommy gun or a .98 Smith and Wesson to look like an official member of the mob.


gun man forest woods camouflage

Show off your patriotism by dressing up as an officer of any branch of the United States military. What’s great about this costume is that it doesn’t have to be purchased at Spirit Halloween or Party City, so you can avoid those rambunctious kids running around as you shop. Visit any local army surplus store to purchase a flak jacket, mag pouches, a BDU, and old boots. Top it off with a toy M-16 or AR-15 to complete the look.

Still need suggestions for popular Halloween costumes with toy guns or want to learn more about our fx airguns? Feel free to reach out to a member of our helpful staff here at Palm Beach Airguns. Happy Halloween!


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