South Florida's Hunting Outfitter Travis Wilson

Meet Travis Wilson of Tropical Trophies

Travis grew up on a farm where he spent most of his time outdoors, either helping out with daily duties or out and about on adventures. Now, as a father of 4, he loves spending his weekends with his family, whether it is out in the woods riding horses, camping, and hunting or at home playing uno with the kids.

Custom Non-Metallic Knives

Following the footsteps of his father, a former renowned knifemaker for Randall knives. Travis became a craftsman of non-metallic knives. He needed to fill a personal need for a lightweight, extremely durable, non corrosive, non metallic knife that can be resharpened. He does not intend these knives to replace traditional metal blades, but to give you an extra layer of protection in non permissive environments where these excel. 

These knives can be purchased at

Hunting Adventures

An accomplished hunting outfitter, Travis is known for his attention to detail when preparing and organizing a variety of different hunting expeditions. Guided hunts include iguanas, hogs, coyotes, raccoons and more. As a licensed trapper by the state of Florida, he specializes in invasives and predators.

Former Marketing at DonnyFL

With a background in marketing, Travis shined in his previous position as content creator and product field tester at DonnyFL, a company that specializes in high-end airgun accessories. This is where he took off and made a name for himself in the airgun industry.

Here are some of the current schedules and fees for his outfitting services:

Iguana Hunts: 

  • Own Equipment: $300 daily
  • Provided Gun and Pellets: $375 daily

Hog Hunts:

  • Own Weapon: $300 daily
  • Provided Weapon (excluding archery tackle): $375 daily
  • Hunting Charge (if no kill): $100

Thermal Night Hunting (Hogs, Coyotes, Raccoons, etc. in season):

  • All Equipment Provided: $500 daily
  • Full Price for Any Blood Drawn

Additional Notes:

  • A gratuity for the guide is appreciated.
  • All prices are per person

Contact Travis today to schedule your next adventure! 

Phone: (689) 800-3776


Make sure to mention the secret member password "PBA Outfitters" for premium service upgrade.