How To Clean An Airgun

Unlike a normal gun, airguns do not usually need to be cleaned on a regular basis because they do not leave behind the same residue inside the barrel. Some people will argue that you never need to clean an airgun barrel. There are a few factors that will determine when and how often your air rifle needs cleaning, but one thing is certain; if your FX airgun accuracy starts to feel off, then cleaning may be the answer.

Tips for Cleaning an Air Rifle

If you are new to the sport or this is your first airgun, do not worry. As an airgun store, we can help you learn how to clean an airgun properly so that yours is sure to last.

  1. Read the owner’s manual. Yes, flipping through a booklet may be boring, but it is important. Every airgun is model is slightly different so there may be specific cleaning instructions listed. Follow what the owner’s manual says first.
  2. Do an initial cleaning. While you may think that the airgun is ready to go, sometimes there can be some rust left behind from the manufacturer. It is better to clean it right away yourself to be safe.
  3. Be careful. That Daystate Red Wolf was a big investment. Airguns have softer barrels than a regular firearm and require a bit of a softer touch when cleaning as well. Be attentive to what you are doing so as not to damage your airgun. Scraping the side of the barrel or the crown can lead to expensive repairs.
  4. Use a proper cleaning kit designed for airguns. Instead of using makeshift materials and brushes to clean your air rifle, a good cleaning kit designed specifically for this purpose will ensure that your air rifle is cleaned correctly and help prevent damage. Do not use regular firearm oil.
  5. Do not go against the grain. Just like sanding wood or cleaning stainless steel, you need to work in a certain direction. When it comes to cleaning your airgun, you should clean from the breach in the same direction that the pellet travels.
  6. If you are putting your air rifle back into storage, then leaving a little bit of airgun oil is a good idea. Otherwise, it is best to dry the bore when you are done applying oil and cleaning the airgun.
  7. Do not forget about your airgun accessories. They may require their own cleaning. You do not want a dirty Athlon Optics airgun scope that you cannot see clearly out of or a scope mount that is collecting dirt.

Airgun cleaning may not be a regular necessity like with firearms, but if you are an airgun owner, it is an important matter to know how to do.