How to Hunt Rabbits Without Dogs

Sharing your life with a pup definitely has its perks, including emotional support, a loyal friend, or even a hunting companion on your next trip. For whatever reason, though, you might not have a dog, and that’s okay. Even though not having a furry companion has its downsides, you can still make things work in your favor. If you’re scratching your head on how you can hunt alone without a four-legged friend, our air gun professionals at Palm Beach Airguns show you how to hunt rabbits without dogs.

Snipe at First Light

At dawn, use binoculars or scope from the Athlon Optics line to spot and stalk rabbits. Along with having a scope handy, gather patches of freshly burned wood to create food plots in the area. Rabbits need the best forage like saplings and twigs in areas with fertile soil and green growth at the first hour of daylight, so when they emerge to feed off the pile you’ve create, you’re sure to take home a good hunting harvest!

Fix the Edges After Sunup

At daybreak, as the sun makes its way across the sky, rabbits tend to find cover. Make sure to have your air gun with you as you stomp on each pile to double-check for hiding rabbits, then fix and rearrange the edges of the piles you’ve created early that morning. The rabbits will hide under the hedgerow brush and bramble, so this is the perfect method to use when you hunt rabbits without dogs.

Move to Higher Ground

As the morning drags on, find dense cover such as areas along creeks and swamps, where rabbits retreat to in the middle of the day. Rabbits hide in brambles and thickets that flourish along waterways in the ample sunlight since it provides a close cover to drink water. Harvesting game in this area can be tricky; however, rabbits scurrying out from these hiding spots are cornered by the water and are not as likely to escape. If you’re hunting in a group, have your friends post upstream and downstream in the thickest cover along the creek, increasing your chances of capturing your prey.

Rabbit Hunting Safety Tips

When channeling your inner Elmer Fudd, you still need to keep your safety in mind. Though it is fun, hunting rabbits without dogs can pose a safety risk if you don’t take the proper precautions. If you’re hunting in a group, remember to wear a bright orange hat or vest so that everyone can easily spot each other when hiding in thick covers. Also, make sure that you are heard by either whistling, engaging in conversation, and when you surprise a rabbit, yell out loud.

If you’d like to learn more about how to hunt rabbits without dogs or would like to shop for a tactical-styled rifle like the FX Dreamline, give a member of our staff a call at 561-331-6731 today!