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Most Popular Air Rifles In 2019

With the year in full swing, we are pushing out our list of the most popular air rifles for 2019. Whether you are an avid collector of air rifles or you are just looking to start a new hobby, you need an air rifle that is top tier. To help you with your selection, we at Palm Beach Airguns are sharing a list with a few of our favorites.

Best Air Rifles for 2019 You Need to Have

FX Impact MKII 700mm

Topping our list of the most popular air rifles in 2019 is the FX Impact MKII 700mm. This is by far one of our most popular airguns and for good reason. The gun has a long barrel, but in a smaller design, so you do not need to sacrifice performance. This gun is also raved about for its great adjustability, so you can use it for everything from pest control to recreational shooting.

FX Impact MKII 600mm

Right behind the 700mm is the FX Impact MKII 600mm. This gun has a slightly smaller barrel bore size but still packs a punch. It is so popular because it is similar to a bull-pup but, like traditional rifles, the mechanical insides are encased in the action area.

FX Crown Continuum

The best part of this air rifle is that it comes with both a 700m match winning barrel as well as a short 380mm. Both of these barrels are part of the FX Superlight STX collection that creates a more rigid barrel. The FX Crown Continuum is the perfect compact gun for hunters.

Daystate Red Wolf HP

Another one of the most popular air rifles is the Daystate Red Wolf HP. With an electronic GCU 2.0 Hardware that increases power up to 20% and digital adjustment options, this rifle is the definition of badass. This gun also features an A.R.T barrel. If you want power, you need this gun.  

FX Dream Lite

The FX Dream Lite features a Smooth Twist X liner, external adjustable AMP Regulator, and high capacity magazine. This incredibly lightweight gun is good for serious shooters who plan to be out for hours at a time and can be found in .177, .22, .25, and .30 calibers.

Whether you are looking to shoot at those pesky iguanas or you are a professional airgun golf player, you want an airgun that will get the job done, and get the job done well. For our airgun store, airguns are more than just a hobby so we want to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and information on everything airgun related.

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