Who You Gonna Call? Iguana Busters!

Iguana Busters Removal Services & Palm Beach Airguns 

Airguns have become the popular choice of tool when it comes to Florida iguana removal and control and for good reason. The best airguns for iguanas are generally small, light, quiet, powerful, and professionals can safely use them in residential and commercial areas. Their power and accuracy allow these specialists to humanely euthanize these animals without having to cause them or home owners any undue stress.  

Being South Florida’s largest PCP airgun retailer, Palm Beach Airguns has developed a close relationship with the Iguana Busters, outfitting their iguana removal specialists with rifles and accessories along with maintenance services needed to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.  

Who Are the Iguana Busters?


We are a veteran owned and operated company.  Most of our trappers are either veterans and/or prior law enforcement officers.  All our trappers have undergone a comprehensive background check.  We conduct periodic training with all our trappers and they must demonstrate proficiency in the latest removal techniques and current Florida law regarding the safe, humane removal of iguanas.” - Iguana Busters 

How Does Iguana Removal Work? 

Once you give Iguana Busters a call, their receptionist will take your info and get you hooked up with an available specialist. They’ll set up the first free visit to your property to inspect the iguana issue and create a plan for removal customized to you. They’ll come during the day when iguanas are most active – midmorning and mid afternoon, but it may take a few visits to complete the job.  

FACT - A group of iguanas is called a “mess”. 

Why is the Green Iguana Bad? 

There are many reasons why people choose to hire iguana removal services. Customers living near ponds, canals, or the coast deal with severe damage iguanas can cause to seawalls, walkways, pools, roofs and landscaping. Iguanas like to dig their burrows under concrete, stone or rock and near open spaces for easy sunbathing access. These burrows over time will erode and collapse sidewalks, foundations, berms and canal banks. They also love water, making pools a prime target for them, often leaving a mess behind. Iguanas are also known carriers of Salmonella and tics.  It has become such a problem that in April of 2021, the state of Florida added Green Iguanas to the Prohibited Species list, making iguana pet ownership illegal without proper permits. 

Why Are Iguanas Such a Problem? 

It boils down to reductive rates and predation. Iguanas typically grow up to 5 feet long and live for up to 10 years in the wild. Females can lay up to around 70 eggs per year. In many parts of South Florida, you can spot massive populations of iguanas littering canal banks along roads and freeways, it’s hard to imagine the sheer numbers of eggs being hatched from these large groups. Once iguanas reach up to 2 feet in length, or around 1 year old, they have few natural predators; humans become the main predator of the adult Green Iguana. Without proper population control, the iguana population in South Florida exploded.

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