The 2019 Precision Rifle Expo Returns to Arena Training Facility

If you’re a long-range enthusiast, make sure to mark your calendars for the 2019 Precision Rifle Expo on September 28th and 29th. The second annual Precision Rifle Expo will be held at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia. Attendees will get a special opportunity to view and handle an array of products while learning from the top professionals in the industry.

One of the most attractive features of the expo is the location. Considered a “shooter’s paradise” in southwest Georgia, the Arena Training Facility is a sought-after location for precision rifle matches and training.[1] Along with a precision reloading class, Arena lets shooters enjoy non-prone shooting matches, long-range shooting, as well as on-site cabins for accommodations. Arena also stages Precision Rifle Series competitions with long-range enthusiasts from across the country, while offering military and law enforcement training.

The Attending Industry Leaders  

The Expo will give attendees the rare opportunity to observe the newest and most high-end products on the market. Attendees will also have the option to demo some of these products during friendly competitions with a chance to win prizes. Below is a list of just some of the vendors who will be at the upcoming 2019 Precision Rifle Expo: 

In addition to the exhibition of the products, the industry leaders will give instruction on handloading, ballistics, reading the wind, how to use a Kestrel, the basics of marksmanship, long-range shooting, and more.[2] With so many resources and instruction available, this makes attending the 2019 Precision Rifle Expo worth every penny. 

Regarding the cost of the expo, long-range connoisseurs can pre-register for $35 or pay $50 at the door. Registration includes access to all vendors and classes for the whole weekend. Attendees must also be 12 years of age or older and personal firearms are prohibited. For more information on the expo, feel free to visit the Precision Rifle Expo’s website.[3]

Whether you’re a novice or veteran to firearms, going to an industry expo is a great way to learn more about new products and tactics as well as network with other like-minded shooters. If you’d like to learn more about upcoming firearms expos in the country or would like to learn more about our bestselling fx airguns, contact a representative of our excellent team of airgun enthusiasts at Palm Beach Airguns. 


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