5 Reasons To Hunt Iguanas

1. Year-Round Hunting

For those of you like us that love to hunt whenever possible, there is GREAT news! You are able to hunt iguanas year-round with no hunting license! The wait between small game and other hunting seasons is very long. Fishing in between is fun but it's nothing like hunting with an airgun. Now that we can hunt any day at anytime we would definitely recommend investing in a 4500 psi filling solution such as one of the Omega CF tanks or Omega trail charger compressor, to get your fill off the grid. Luckily the state of Florida does not require a hunting license or bag limit! We recommenced to check your local laws and call the Florida Wildlife Conservation to stay updated on what can or cannot be done and where.

2. Residential & Commercial Property Damage 

Iguanas create all these burrows in the ground which collapse sidewalks, seawalls, berms and canal banks. Green iguanas also leave their droppings on docks, porches, and inside swimming pools, which can pass on salmonella to humans. Since iguanas like to hang out in these types of areas we are limited to certain forms of humane killing. One of our favorites, of course, is the airgun! We use smaller caliber pellets such as the .22 JSB 18 gr for populated areas to avoid any possible issues from pellet pass through or ricochet. 

3. Source Of Food

The term "chicken of the trees" exists for a reason. Iguanas are actually consumed by people more often than you would think. You can get very creative with the meat, go from BBQ to even tacos! Some cultures even consider them a delicacy.

4. Wildlife Management

This is one of the main reasons why hunting is around. Aside from putting food on the table there are certain balances that need to be met. Since iguanas are non-native reptiles and are considered invasive, they are a threat to our natural habitat. Not only are they non-native but they do not have natural predators, and thrive in the Southern Florida environment. Therefore it is up to us to protect the wildlife that is affected and threatened by these non-native species. 

5. Fun & Companionship

Lots of us enjoy the process of going out hunting with friends and family. Iguanas are another reason to do so! They are also a great way to introduce kids and those who have not had much experience hunting, to the lifestyle. Since you are able to hunt iguanas with airguns such as the Brocock Bantam Sniper and FX Crown, it is the perfect stepping stone to other forms of hunting. 

If you want to see some iguana hunting clips check out our Palm Beach Airguns YouTube channel and OriOn The Iguana Hunter's channel.