5 Tips to Improve Your Accuracy with Airguns

Improving your accuracy with an airgun takes time there’s really no getting past that. If you want to be a crack shot or the next Chris Kyle with an air powered rifle, you have to put in the time and effort to get there. But that’s not all. In order to improve your accuracy, you should also focus on your rifle, gear, practice technique and equipment maintenance.

Any serious shooter will tell you the same thing. You can go can just go out and get this year’s best value air rifle. Everyone knows the FX Impact MKII 700mm is a great choice, but it is not enough. Nope, its going to take a lot more work that that. But the truth is if you stay consistent and use these techniques to improve your accuracy with an air rifle, you’ll see an major difference during your next trip to the range.

Tip 1 – Get A Good Scope

Your first tip to improve accuracy is all about gear. Choose the best airgun scope you can find because the proof really is in the pudding. If you buy a cheap scope you’re going to get cheap shots and no amount of scope tuning and mounting is going to make a difference. Spend the money on a good scope.

Tip 2 – Invest in Good Ammo

The second most important tip is about airgun gear, I guess you could say that equipment is that important. Finding high quality airgun pellets and keeping them in good condition is vital to your overall performance. The JSB Exact series is highly recommended.

Tip 3 – Aim Small, Miss Small

You ever see the movie “The Patriot”? Well Mel Gibson plays a revolutionary war commando and he gives this piece of advice to his young sons before they ambush a platoon of red coats. He tells them to “aim small, miss small”. That piece of advice absolutely fantastic as a mantra to remember when you start trying to improve your accuracy.

The idea is that if you are aiming at the barn, you might miss the barn, if you are aiming at the door, you might miss the door but you will probably hit the barn. This phrase should help you consider how important it is to be precise with your aiming. Aim at something very small because if you miss, you’ll still be closer than you think.

Tip 4 – Control Your Breathing

Breathing is an airgun accuracy tip as old as time, and it’s still one of the most important and often forgotten tips. Maintaining a steady breathing pattern and learning to pull the trigger when it’s the most opportune, well that is rather difficult. It takes real practice to get it right. Here’s a very basic breathing exercise to improve your accuracy:

  • Exhale and pause
  • Inhale and pause
  • Full exhale and squeeze trigger
  • Breathe normally

Try to get that right and you’ll see just how difficult it really is.

Tip 5 – Take Your Time – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You’re going to get impatient, and that’s to be expected. Don’t let your impatience ruin your consistency. Take your time with each shot. If something goes wrong start again.

The truth is that practice does not make perfect, but rather perfect practice makes perfect. If you continue to practice incorrectly you will get bad results. It’s that simple. Take your time to do it right and restart if you need to.

Tip 6 – Fix Barrel Droop

Learn how to fix barrel droop on your airgun and make sure you maintain that level of care always. You may be experiencing some barrel droop right now and it can be frustration when you are trying to improve your accuracy with your airgun.