The Best Pellets for Your Airgun Use

It doesn’t matter if you’re an airgun veteran or rookie, you’ve decided to purchase one of our airguns or air rifles for a specific purpose. From the best airguns to hunt iguanas to air rifles for hunting, you’re going to want one of our products to get the job done! However, not all airguns were created equal and how you use one makes a difference in which pellets to buy. The experienced airgunners of Palm Beach Airguns give a little insight into the best pellets for your airgun use.

Competition Shooting

A great way to connect with other passionate airgunners is to participate in competition shooting. The air rifle competition network offers not only fun for those who love precision shooting but also helps sharpen accuracy. However, before partaking in some friendly competition, it’s important to purchase the right pellet ammo. Wadcutters would be your best option as they shoot accurately in distances of 10 meters or less. [1] With a flat head and a pinched waist, wadcutters are one of the air gun pellet types designed to shoot at lower velocities.

Additionally, wadcutters can also be repurposed for pest control with their extraordinary knockdown power at such a short-range since the pellet head is a wide surface.


If you don’t care for accuracy and are looking to relax your mind or indulge in some quality “alone time,” plinking provides many options in various airgun pellet types. For starters, air rifle users such as yourself may enjoy the sport of plinking as it doesn’t require much dedication to enjoy. Therefore, round-nosed pellets are one of the best pellets for your airgun use. Its increased knockdown power at longer ranges will meet all your plinking needs.

Other airgun enthusiasts may recommend wadcutters instead of plinking, but when you consider increasing the distance of your target, wadcutters will fall short as their velocity reduces with range.


Planning on hunting during the 2019 Florida deer season? Well, you’re going to need specific pellets if you’re looking to harvest some deer this year. Many believe the velocity of pellets is key to hitting your target, but in reality, it’s the accuracy of your pellets that should be prioritized. Heavier pellets such as the JSB Jumbo Exact Heavy will get the job done at 18.13 grains. Also designed as a round-nosed pellet, the Jumbo Exact Heavy delivers improved stabilization and accuracy, helping you get the perfect kill this deer season.

Finding the best pellets for your airgun use requires research, but once you’ve found the right ammo, you’re sure to get the most out of your choice! Contact a member of our airgun team today if you’d like to learn more about various pellets in our broad inventory.


[1] Pyramyd Air – The right pellet makes a difference