The Best Value Air Rifles for 2019

Looking for the best value air rifles you can buy in 2019?
Look no further. We have looked at our inventory, reviews and all the feedback
we received in 2018 and we are using that to create this list of the top rifles
you should consider buying this year.  

No matter if you are an enthusiast, a hobbyist or a hunter,
these are some of the air rifle you need in 2019.


Daystate Red Wolf - $2,399.99 – $2,599.99


Daystate Red Wolf Laminate

The Daystate Red Wolf is as stylish as the name suggests. It is without a doubt one of the most popular air rifles for 2019 and a great air rifle for bench rest shooting and hunting.

Want a little taste of a modern air rifle? You’ve found it
here. The Daystate Red Wolf allows for digital adjustments. This allows for
each shot to be consistently high powered. The shooter has complete control
over every single shot.

This magnificent beast comes in a line of standard calibers
including .177, .22 and .25.

Step into the future, or into 2019 at the very least, and get
great deals on air rifles like the
Daystate Red world from Palm Beach Airguns.


Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Huma Regulated - $1,299.00


Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Huma Regulated

Looking for something a little more subtle, reserved but effective? Not a problem. The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Human Regulated is made with the same quality as the Red Wolf, but for a more casual shooter. Enjoy precision and power without all the frills and fuss.

The Daystate brand name gives this rifle the title as one of
the best value air rifles for 2019. Value for money in the quality of this air rifle.

This is one of the finest sporting rifles in production.
Lightweight, long range and completely effective.


Diana Outlaw - $499.99


Diana Outlaw

The Diana Outlaw is the lowest cost, highest quality air rifle we offer at Palm Beach Air Guns making it one of the best value air rifles for 2019.

This gun is perfect for new shooters who want to invest in
high quality air rifles without breaking the bank. Learn how to shoot with the confidence
that only high-quality rifles can offer and don’t over pay.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design of this fantastic air rifle,
what is might lack visually, it more than fully makes up for in quality.


FX Impact MKII - $1,999.99 – $2,049.99


FX Impact X Black Sniper

The FX Impact MKII is our highest rated air rifle of 2018 and by far the most popular choice from all of our customers. Many of our clients believe that this is the best value air rifle.

The simple but elegant design means that the FX Impact is
not only good looking but lightweight and easily movable – both important
qualities that a great air rifle should have.

It’s a great air rifle for hunting and hobby shooting.