Best Air Rifles for Hunting

After trying out various airguns, you most likely want to take it to the next level. You’ve mastered airgun scopes and suppressors while thoroughly researching accessories that best meet your needs. So, you might decide to go the route of hunting with air rifles. Whether you’re hunting small or big game, it’s a thrilling experience that can sharpen your focus. Our professional staff of airgun enthusiasts here at Palm Beach Airguns would like to share some of the best air rifles for hunting.

FX Impact MKII 700mm

Combining the features of a bullpup and a traditional rifle, the FX Impact MKII 700mm is one of the most innovative rifles in the airgun industry. The MKII 700mm doesn’t fall short of comfort as the mechanics are encased in the action area to keep your face away from the smacking hammer. The tactical feel of the rifle makes it ideal for hunting as well as professional competitions. Features include a Smooth Twist X Barrel, larger plenum tube, and new side shot high capacity magazine standard.

FX Dreamline Lite

If you’re looking for a single-shot air rifle for hunting, then the FX Dreamline Lite is the girl you need. The .22 caliber air rifle was constructed for hunting small game and plinking. With its highest velocity being 950fps, the Dreamline Lite is a force to reckon with at a lithe 5.5 pounds. Other features include adjustable valve and trigger, externally adjustable AMP Regulator, high capacity magazine, ½’’ UNF threaded shroud, and a dovetail scope rail. [1]

If you decide on the FX Dreamline Lite to be your first air rifle for hunting, you can always find the perfect scopecam from our extensive inventory that best fit your shooter needs.

FX Dreamline Tac Tube

When looking for something to get the job done in big game air rifle hunting, the FX Dreamline Tac Tube is your best bet. Powered by PCP, the .177 caliber air rifles are perfect for those who are seeking nothing but power. Since air rifles such as these push more pressure than most, they can be quite loud. However, the Dreamline STX is built with “fully shrouded barrels” to bring the noise down a few decibels. If decide to go for any other powerful air rifle on the market, you can always find the ideal air rifle silencer on our site for a more discrete hunting experience.

Still need to find the best air rifles for hunting? Feel free to browse through our site for a high power air rifle to get the most out of your hunting experience or call (561) 331-6737 for further assistance from our team of airgun aficionados.