The Best Compressors for Your Air Rifle

After you’ve opened your air rifle gift from a loved one who consulted our 2019 Airgun Holiday Gift Guide, you’ll want to break in the high power air rifle as soon as possible with a target practice session. After firing off several rounds, you’ve noticed the air rifle has stopped working. No, the air rifle is not defective, but most likely it has run out of air and needs to be re-filled. Before you go for the nearest bicycle pump, the air rifle will actually need a high-pressure compressor to get the job done right. Don’t worry, our team of airgun lovers at Palm Beach Airguns list the 5 best compressors for your air rifle.

Omega Trail Charger

If portability is at the top of your list when you browse through the best compressors for your air rifle on the market, the Omega Trail Charger is #1. The 4500psi air compressor for sale is known for its high performance and competitive price. The Trail Charger can be charged by a 110V wall outlet with its included inverter or a 12V car battery and makes re-filling your air rifle hassle-free with its auto shut-off feature once it has reached your desired pressure. Water cooling is the Trail Charger’s most notable feature as it supports the air charging system’s longevity.

Omega Super Charger 4500 PSI Compressor

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the Omega Super Charger 4500psi Compressor is one of the best compressors for your air rifle since it offers similar features of higher-end compressors. Just like the Trail Charger, it has an automatic, power-off feature once it has reached the desired pressure. It also has a programmable auto-bleed system that adjusts to any duration and interval to drain out all moisture and powers off when it’s completely filled.

Omega Air Charger 4500 PSI Compressor

The Omega Air Charger 4500psi Compressor is the quietest and most user-friendly of all the air charging systems for your air rifle. Overheating is never a worry since its water-cooling system runs continuously. Just like the Super Charger, the Air Charger has a bleed system, though it requires manual operation to rid the system of moisture.

Daystate 4500 PSI Compressor 110V

If you’ve received one of our Daystate air rifles this holiday season, pair it with the Daystate 4500 PSI Compressor 110V for maximum use. Daystate has partnered with a leading Italian compressor manufacturer to deliver speed and a lifetime of clean, dry compressed air. The low-consumption LC110 model is the most superior European 110-volt compressor on the market that can be charged with any 15A residential outlet – perfect for the garage or home office. To keep the compressor in top shape, its air-cooling system requires an oil change service to help maintain its smooth performance. The Daystate 4500psi Compressor 110V is also versatile and portable since it’s lightweight and can function in all environments.

Using either of these high-pressure compressors will ensure your air rifle is re-filled with the purest air, getting you back on schedule with your target practice. To learn more about our air charging systems or to find the best air rifle on the market, get in touch with an airgun professional on our team at 561-331-6731 today!