PBA’s 2019 Airgun Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are finally here! During this time of the year, you attend various holiday parties to catch up with family and friends, as well as reflect on the past year. Since this is the season of giving, it’s customary to give back to those who you hold dear to your heart, and what better way to do so than to buy them top-of-the-line air rifles and accessories! Our airgun staff at Palm Beach Airguns have compiled a 2019 airgun holiday gift guide to help you pick out the best products for your loved ones.

Most Popular Air Rifles

FX Airguns are probably the most popular air rifles among “airgunners” for their craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. Each FX Airgun is meticulously designed by highly skilled craftsmen and engineers, giving airgun enthusiasts the best shooting experience possible. Luckily for you, our airgun company sells the best that FX Airguns has to offer!

FX Impact MKII 700mm

Gift a friend or family member the innovative FX Impact MKII 700mm for its combined bull-pup and traditional rifle features. This FX model protects your face from the whacking of the hammer while shooting with its mechanics encased in the action area, similar to traditional rifles.

The FX Impact MKII 700mm was manufactured with comfort in mind as the modular moderator can be easily adjusted by adding or removing the threaded middle section. You can order the rifle in black or silver in three different calibers and two different suppressors.

FX Crown

If you’re looking for both adjustability and elegance for a friend or family, the FX Crown is the best choice on our 2019 airgun holiday gift guide. Not only does this model excel in performance and precision, but it’s a very stable bench gun.

The Crown has an adjustable matcher and a telescopic shroud, allowing it to extend while shooting or retract when inactive.

FX Crown Continuum

Spread the holiday cheer by getting a hunter close to your heart the FX Crown Continuum, a compact, yet high power air rifle. The Crown Continuum was designed with the hunter in mind as it maneuvers well in heavily forested environments with its two-barrel structure. This FX model comes in two calibers (.22 and .25) and two suppressors.

Most Popular Airgun Accessories

Getting your favorite person in the world a top-of-the-line air rifle is thoughtful, but why not kick it up a notch by buying them high-quality airgun accessories to improve their performance? Certain airgun accessories can help them get the most out of their airgun experience, and we have the right accessories to help them do so.

WIKA 315 Bar Gauge

The WIKA 315 Bar Gauge is one of the most well-known bar gauges in the airgun community as it helps fill your air rifle at the correct pressure. The 315 Bar Gauge never fails to give an accurate number when reading pressures, especially for those who have trouble reading the small lines.

Side Shot Scope Cam Phone Mount

Smartphones are used for almost everything nowadays, so make it easier for your loved one to film themselves in a shooting session with their smartphone by getting the Side Shot Scope Cam Phone Mount. Its wide range of adjustments makes it versatile for almost any phone, so if they decide to change phones in the future, they’ll have no problem fitting it on the Side Shot.

FX Impact Extended Trigger Guard G2

If you’re choosing to get the FX Impact for a friend or family member, then buying the FX Impact Extended Trigger Guard G2 will be the perfect combo! The G2 will give them the option to push the bi-pod’s rail for a more stable position.  A bonus feature to the trigger guard is its built-in T-slot, giving an effortless fit to any T-slot accessories.